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Our Story.....



  By Pat and Jennifer Hembree
“He performs wonders that cannot be fathomed, miracles that cannot be counted.”
Job 5:9

It is said, “Love will find a way!” That’s what happened when God opened the door to an unexpected journey of faith through mountainous peaks and valleys, twists and turns and rocky roads of what someone has described as “only fit for a movie.” So the journey begins on a 6,000-mile trip across the ocean to a small orphanage in the southern-most part of the coastal city of Saranda, Albania.  There, lives intersect, destined to be a part of something bigger than any thought could imagine!  





Fence & Solar Lights

In 2017, a mission team traveled to Uganda, Africa to spend a week doing construction work and conducting after-school Bible teaching with over 400 students at the School. Among other projects, the team set out to install solar panels and solar lights in 7 separate buildings.

In addition, the team dug 58 post holes as we worked alongside the Ugandan workers to install a perimeter fence around the school.

Needs At The School

It is truly exciting to see the rapid growth and the enthusiasm at the primary school in eastern Uganda. In just a few years, the school has doubled in enrollent and the village and surrounding community can't help but take notice at God's great work as multiple classrooms buildings and dormitories have been constructed..

Listed below are some of the current needs for the
school and church: