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Ministry to Uganda, Africa:

The Namayemba Christian School and Church was founded by Pastor Patrick. Patrick graduated from the Uganda Baptist Seminary in the city of Jinja and started the school and church with his wife Suzan.

Legacies & Miracles has partnered with Pastor Patrick, and through the generous support and contributions from individuals and small businesses, together we have been able to build four complete mud-brick classroom buildings, construct two large pit latrines, purchase additional property for expansion, construct a 150 bed girl's dormitory as well as a large boy's dormitory, done of our mission teams constructed 57 wooden school desks for the children, and a teacher's house was completed on the property. In addition, Legacies & Miracles has established a sponsor program which, for a gift of $30 per month, an individual can sponsor a child at the school. These fees provide for the daily needs of the children including food, school uniform, books ans supplies, teachere fees and other capital costs.

Children in line for a school lunch of posho and beans

The food the children recieve at school is often the only meal they recieve for the day.







The School:

The Namayemba Christian School currently has over 400 students many of which travel for over an hour one way on foot to attend. The school currently covers grades from nursery up to the 7th grade. About 35% of the students are age 4 or younger. Over 50% of the total population of Uganda is comprised of children under the age of 15. The primary reason for this alarming statistic is death from diseases such as Aids and Malaria. As a result, a large number of children at the school are true orphans with no family to care for them. Often people within the village will take them in, but frequently these children are forced to find their own basic shelter for the night. The School not only provides education for these children, but also safe shelter, medical help and basic nutrition. .

The Church:

The Namayemba Christian Church currently meets on the same property as the school utilizing one of the buildings for the church. Pastor Patrick preaches each Sunday morning and evening and also on Wednesday evenings. The congregation is growing rapidly and a new permanant church building ins needed. Since beginning only a few year ago, two lay pastors have already been sent out from this church to neighboring regions to plant additional churches. Pastor Patrick is mentoring these lay pastors and is excited to see the growth of this ministry.


Fence & Solar Lights

In 2017, a mission team traveled to Uganda, Africa to spend a week doing construction work and conducting after-school Bible teaching with over 400 students at the School. Among other projects, the team set out to install solar panels and solar lights in 7 separate buildings.

In addition, the team dug 58 post holes as we worked alongside the Ugandan workers to install a perimeter fence around the school.

Needs At The School

It is truly exciting to see the rapid growth and the enthusiasm at the primary school in eastern Uganda. In just a few years, the school has doubled in enrollent and the village and surrounding community can't help but take notice at God's great work as multiple classrooms buildings and dormitories have been constructed..

Listed below are some of the current needs for the
school and church:

The Need:

Care, self-sustainability and outreach are the primary goals of Legacies & Miracles for the Namayemba Mission. Pastor Patrick and his church share this vision and have made great progress to date. One great need on the horizon is the construction of a Medical Clinic which will serve both the school and the neighboring village. In addition, a dining hall and kitchen are needed to provide a place for the children to sit and eat their lunch and also for the cooks to be able to prepare the food. Each day the children are fed Posho and beans. Posho is the staple food of Uganda and is made from ground up maze mixed with water and sugar. Finally, with the growth of the school, a library needs to be constructed to provide reference and reading materials for the children.

"You are the God who performs miracles;
You display Your power among the peoples."
Psalm 77:14