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Welcome to Legacies and Miracles

Legacies & Miracles is a non-profit corporation organized to make a difference in the next generation for Christ. By helping to provide for education and basic needs, we help these children become who God created them to be. Inspired by the example of Jesus Christ as he met the needs of others and demonstrated his unconditional love, we too seek to sponsor children in need who have a desire to overcome their circumstances and live a victorious life in Christ.


Multi-Purpose Kitchen & Dining Hall Completed !

On Mission In The U.S And Abroad

Legacies & Miracles has worked within several countries including the U.S. to bring stability and hope into the lives of individual students of various ages and backgrounds. Our mission is to provide education and basic needs to underpriviledged children as we share the love of Christ and the power of a faith based relationship with Him. Changing the world, one life at a time.


Jennifer with group of teachers and students at the primary school in eastern Uganda

Fence & Solar Lights

In 2017, a mission team traveled to Uganda, Africa to spend a week doing construction work and conducting after-school Bible teaching with over 400 students at the School. Among other projects, the team set out to install solar panels and solar lights in 7 separate buildings.

In addition, the team dug 58 post holes as we worked alongside the Ugandan workers to install a perimeter fence around the school.

Needs At The School

It is truly exciting to see the rapid growth and the enthusiasm at the primary school in eastern Uganda. In just a few years, the school has doubled in enrollent and the village and surrounding community can't help but take notice at God's great work as multiple classrooms buildings and dormitories have been constructed..

Listed below are some of the current needs for the
school and church:


Looking beyond the school and church, eastern Uganda consists of countless families, all of which are very poor and struggling just to survive.2017 recorded the worst drougn in Ugnada's history causing many to die from starvation. A large number of the children attending the school from the village and abroad are orphans with no family at all. In Uganda, 50% of the total population is under the age of 15. The primary reason for this alarming ratio is death from diseases such as Aids and Malaria. Partnering with the local pastor, Legacies & Miracles is helping to support the school and church with the overall mission to share the hope and love of Jesus Christ to the entire village.

"You are the God who performs miracles;
You display Your power among the peoples."
Psalm 77:14