The Namayemba community was so blessed by this who gave to help support them during this tough time. Thank you! Here is some of the fruit of your gift.
Times are uncertain all over the world, but don't forget to worship the Lord with all your heart and give thanks in every circumstance just like Pastor Patrick and his family here. Our God is in control! Also consider donating ...
Please pray🙏🏼for protection & provision for the school children, teachers, pastors & churches in our ministry in Uganda. Even though there are no Coronavirus cases in Uganda, due to the growing number of COVID-19 in surrounding countries, the President of ...
Keep the whole world in your prayers as we face this virus. Coronovirus has not yet reached Uganda but it is in neighboring countries where people are crossing over every day. Pray for protection for Namayemba!
Our banana project is off to a great start! We are raising money to plant 450 banana trees to provide food and a source of income for the school. Your prayers and support are always much appreciated!
We are so thankful for Eric who just graduated from Seminary in Jinja! Thank you to those who sponsored him as he will use his knowledge to share Christ and build the Kingdom!
3 people have their lives to Christ this week! Praise the Lord! It is so encouraging to see how God is moving in the hearts of these young people.
When life & purpose intersect remarkable things happen!
In just three years, God has accomplished more than we could ever ask or imagine through our ministry { @legaciesandmiracles } in Uganda! Pat & I are grateful beyond words for those ...
Here children are learning computer basics! Thank you for giving!
The new school library was dedicated this week! These books and computer lab will open up so much knowledge for these precious students. Thank you for your support!
These faithful men are working so hard on this classroom building. It's so encouraging to see the progress!
110 people gave their lives to Christ in 2019 through the ministry of the Namayemba Church, and we are already reaping the fruit of those salvations!
From Pastor Patrick: "Today I was sharing in church about Living testimony. We had ...
Namayemba Christian School is off to a productive year. They are currently installing roofing on a new building and finished laying the floor for the boys' dormitory. Thank you for your support!
We are so thankful for those who helped donate these sewing machines! Pastor Patrick has cleared out a room in the library where the women can work. This will allow them to make uniforms for the school kids as well ...
Thank you to each person who gave! We now have a thriving chicken, goat, & cow ministry! Take a l👀k at these videos (& a head-butting mama goat! Lol)
#Nutrition #GodsProvision #FaithInAction #OnLocation #Thankful #Camp323 #ChicksForUganda #Goats #Cows #Milk #Eggs ...
Happy Thanksgiving from Uganda!! Such an impactful, adventurous experience! God is in every detail! So thankful! #OnMission #UgandaTeam2019
How precious is this! Pat and Jennifer Hembree and the mission's team are enjoying their visit with these precious children.
#precious #missiontrip2019 #legaciesandmiracles
We are so thankful for this new shipment of baby chicks! 🐥 Thankful for God's provision through everyone who gave! These cute chicks will provide many nutritious eggs 🥚 for the school children.
#chicks #legaciesandmiracles #godsprovision
Congrats to the Shuler Team for winning Legacies & Miracles 2019 Golf ⛳️ Classic!
This year featured a golf ball launcher that made things interesting!
#MissionsFun #MakingADifference #GolfingWithPurpose #TeamChamps
We are so excited about an eventful week:
+A huge crop of watermelons was harvested in Uganda!
+Hundreds of healthy baby chicks were delivered from Kenya (thanks to Camp 323 kids’ offering!)
+Captain Underpants debuted on McDonough Square gearing up ...
Captain Underpants is calling for Bibles, books, and briefs for our upcoming fall mission trip!
#l&m #captainunderpants #gotbriefs
Golfers 🏌🏻🏌️‍♀️... Hole Sponsors ... Business & Friend Teams ...⛳️ Enjoy a great day on the greens while at the same time making a profound difference in kids’ lives needing a hope & future in Uganda!
Another mission’s ...
Happy Sunday! Praise God! This young man just accepted Christ! His name is Sowali, and he is in Primary 4 (4th grade). He is here with Peter, the school’s Bible teacher, who we are sponsoring to go to seminary.
#jesussaves ...
We got 10 baby goats in just this last week! The Mama goats are such great Mamas!
#goats🐐 #babymiracles #blessed
Yesterday L&M partnered with Namayemba Christan Church to host a youth camp. 250 kids showed up to receive teaching from Psalm 119, eat delicious food, and worship the Lord!
#legaciesandmiracles #youthministry #praisingjesus
Here is Pastor Patrick praying over the baptismal last weekend during the couple's retreat which was sponsored by L&M donors. 10 adults we're baptized after deciding to dedicate their lives to Christ!
#praisegod #baptisms #liveschanged
Pastor Patrick & Suzan are all smiles—grateful for the God-given vision & provision for this week’s 3-day couple’s conference happening at the church in Uganda! Look 👀 up Colossians 3:9-10.🌟
Pray with us for forgiveness, & the five R’s: repentance, ...
This verse stood out to Pat and Jennifer Hembree as they were reading the Word and praying over the ministry. God's word is alive and active!
#kindness #proverbs #godsword
Pastor Patrick successfully had his surgery on Monday. Everything went well, and he is already feeling better. He is so thankful for everyone's support. We are too!
Hey L&M fam! Pastor Patrick has been having pain in his stomach, so yesterday he went to the doctor and got an ultrasound. This showed that his appendix is swollen and needs to be removed. The doctor wants to do ...

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